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You guys (and girls) are the best!! :D

This is really, really cool.

Perhaps the reason this is so special to me is that it took me a really long time to come to terms with the fact that I am an artist.  I didn't need to wait for validation from some industry, company, group, individual (or otherwise) to "grant" me the title of artist; I just needed to claim it - make it mine.

Well, that and my cat.  I need my cat to approve.

But I digress...  The fact that other people might be inspired (however big or small) as a result of my endeavors kind of makes this whole thing worth while.  Yes, the whole thing.  w00t!

It also makes a circle (explained in this diagram.)

So, I'm going through my files and emails and discovering some really cool stuff sent to me during the course of the lifecast - and Imma start sharing it with you.


by Joseph Wade - Age 10

by Fernando Douglas a.k.a. Fdart in chat (Can you say, "Wow"?)

Meanwhile, if you've seen anything you think I might be overlooking, please point me in that direction by sending me an email, or posting it to the Ning group.

This is too much fun!  More to come.