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Sample tracks from Pivot


Clarke Rigsby is an amazing man. You can tell he "gets it".

We recorded at his stellar studio yesterday, and (insert flogging here) I forgot my camera. Thee hee. Ummm, sorry.

Luckily we did get some beautiful tracks, and so if I had to choose one or the other (pictures vs. tracks), we ended up with the better of the two.

Kris Hill played some great guitar, and I even got to play Clarke's world-class piano. It's hard to explain, but one can just develop a bond with certain pianos.

I suppose the same could be said for the instrument of choice in any profession, but I don't actually own a "studio" piano, and so it's nice to be able to visit one every once in a while.

MY piano was the piano my grandparents bought for my mother and her sister when they were little girls - which, actually was much to my mother's chagrin. You see, there was this new technology and device called television, and my mom very much wanted one of those instead...

But, being prudent people, my grandparents thought that a piano would be a better investment. So they paid $12.00 a month for it, for something like ten years.

At some point, my mother white-washed it, and it's seen enough wear and tear that it doesn't hold a tune anymore.

But my grandparents were right. It was a better investment - and it changed my life.

It's also the piano I've written every one of my songs on. Well, except for the Alice Cooper stalking Kyle MacDonald song. That was written on the hotel piano in Fargo.