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Video for our new song "Over"

There are so many people to thank for coming together to create such a special video.

Roger Belfiore at The Brickhouse Theater - for doing such an amazing job directing.

Bryan Miller over at Archetype HD and Bill Fenster at Fenster Productions.

Brian Ronalds and Jaime Leigha for being an amazing leading couple.

Julian Goldenthal for coming up with the initial concept.

Nephi Thomas for some amazing sound and Chris Broadman for the awesome lighting.

Dawn Rosa-Cole for taking amazing photos (again) of the entire event.

Katerina Dimitrov for being there for everybody and everything (and for taking video of Roger pretending to sashay.)

Ralph Patlan for being the most amazing engineer on the planet.

And of course, to Adrian, Julian and Kris - for being the best and only group of guys I could imagine having this much fun with.