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Thanks for the Inspiration!

Do you ever feel the world is spinning out of control, and the only thing to do is hold on for the ride? (Because if you let go, then the *%#@ will really hit the fan.)

Sometimes, it makes you ill and sometimes it makes you all happy and good-vibey...

That's how I feel today.

Recording this new album is a journey, for sure. Not only am I learning as an artist, musician and songwriter, but I'm learning about who I am as a human being.

These little epiphanies aren't laid out on the record, I'm not wearing these revelations on my sleeve - but the emotion is there. It's in the songs, and on the recordings.

I received many emails from around the country this week, telling me to keep doin' what I'm doin'. Those are the best. What's more amazing is that some of these people are musicians themselves, and list me as an artistic influence on their websites.

That blows my mind - there are people out there that are inspired by me.

And that, in turn, inspires me.

So that's my mission for the week - and that's my challenge to you; to find those hidden opportunities where we can inspire people.

It doesn't cost anything, and it makes all the difference in the world.