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Not my average Monday, either...

Today was amazing. We're doing a lot of pre-production for the record, and the songs are sweeeet!

Brendan and I still need to record our One Red Paperclip theme song, and I betcha the weather's nice in Canada right now...

Fuji TV from Japan came by my studio today to film a segment on the story that is One Red Paperclip. Kyle MacDonald mentioned that, when he was in Japan, he saw a re-enactment of the trades with look-alike actors. (I totally want to know what my look-alike looks like - it's eating me up inside.)

Later in the day, I was invited to be a guest on Terry Gilberg's show on News Talk 550 KFYI. To Darrin Cameron - thanks for being a totally solid producer.

Terry and I talked for an hour about magic, trading, and music.

What a cool woman. She totally gets it.