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Happy Holidays!!

I’m sitting at my desk, in my apartment on the Upper West Side, and feeling humble. Feeling grateful. Wanting to say thank you to every single person who has come into my life… yet, somehow thank you just isn’t enough.

Life is funny. If we are courageous enough to survive it long enough, we begin to see the beauty in everything. At least that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. :)

I write because I have to...

We charted #1 this week on AirPlay Direct’s Global Radio Indicator Charts. This is HUGE for us, and we’re extremely grateful for the support that we’ve gotten from the good folks over there at AirPlay Direct.

If you’ve heard this song on the radio, and come here as a result, please let me say THANK YOU!

Thank you for liking the music.

Thank you for caring enough to take time out of your day to come here and find out more about our art - and for downloading it (for free!) :)

Thank you for calling the stations and asking to hear it again!! This is so huge for us, as it is our first time releasing music directly to radio – and it’s working.

Thanks to YOU.

2012 is going to be a great year. I look forward to sharing it with each of you.

Stay in touch. Be well. And let me know if there is anything you need.

None of us are as powerful as all of us.




P.S. –

Below is a list of the radio stations currently playing our song. If you’re hearing it, please feel free to request it. It makes all the difference in the world. <3

Radio sotra [Radi] (100,9. FM)
Straume Norway

Diamond State Blues Society's [inte] (intern FM)
Elkton, MD USA

Mallee Border Radio [3MBR] (103.5m FM)
Murrayville, Australia

Radio Vest [RV] (94,6 FM)
Ulfborg, None Denmark

Fountain - Warren Community Ra [WFWR] (91.5 FM)
Attica, IN United States

Power Country [WQLC] (102.1 FM)
Lake City, FL United States

wslm [wslm] (97.9 FM)
Salem, IN United States


Radio eversonpaladini 95.1 FM
São José, SC Brazil


Ozcat Radio [KZCT] (89.5 FM)
Vallejo, CA United States

Montclair State University [WMSC] (90.3 FM)
Montclair, New Jersey USA

Sound Train Country [n/a] (n/a Internet)
Portland, CT USA

WHOB - The House of Blues Radi [WHOB] (n/a Internet)
Ottawa, ON Canada

Nojesradion Enköping [NRE] (89,8 FM)

CJXF Community Radio [CJXF] (95.1 FM)
Calgary, Alberta Canada

ECMA-Radio [KKG] ( Internet)
Maria-Enzersdorf, Austria

Best Unheard Music [BUM] (56k Internet)
Sound Beach, NY United States

Radio Voce Spazio [RVS] (93.800 FM)
Alessandria, Italy

ECMA-Radio [KKG] ( Internet)
Maria-Enzersdorf, None Austria

wcsb-fm [wcsb] (89.3 FM)
cleveland, OH United States [radi] (radioi FM)
Orange Park, Fl USA

Radio Eagle [radi] (107.9 FM)

MoMaIda Radio [None] (64kbps Internet)
Frankfurt, Hessen Germany

BIshopFM [bish] (105.9 FM)
Bishop Auckland, County Durham England

KVHU [KVHU] (95.3 FM)
Seearcy, AR United States

UnderCurrents [Nati] (88.9 FM)
Walnut Creek, CA United States

Radio Outlaw [XRQK] (98.1 & FM)
Taft, CA USA

Icarna Radio (Independent Coun [icar] (Intern FM)
Cygnet , Tasmania Australia

Selkirk, Ontario Canada

Soul City Radio [SCR] (100.1 Internet)
Baltimore, MD

Beauty Radio [Wtbr] (Web Internet)
Tampa, FL United States

Winds of Praise [KWPB] (98.7 FM)
Newport, OR USA

iggyROCKS! [iggy] (live36 Internet)
Billings, Montana USA

KQVMFM Internet Radio [KQVM] (107.9 Internet)
West Covina, CALIFORNIA United States

BrooklynFM [BFM] (100 Internet) 
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire United Kingdom

Mallee Border Radio [3MBR] (103.5m FM)
MURRAYVILLE, None Australia

WQFS [WQFS] (90.9 FM)
Greensboro, NC USA

Jefferson Public Radio [KSMF] (89.1 FM)
Ashland, OR USA

Radio Gryphon [CFRU] (93.3 FM)
Guelph, Canada

Fraser Coast Community Radio [4FCR] (FM107. FM)
Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia

Three From Leith podcast [n/a] (000 FM)
EDINBURGH, Midlothian UK

bendigo, None Australia

RobKast-Podcast [no] (no Internet)
Ede, Gelderland The Netherlands

Shane Media - Consulting firm [WILQ] (105; 9 FM)
Houston, TX USA

Yuma Public Radio [KAWC] (88.9 FM)
Yuma, AZ United States

Revival FM [UK L] (100.8 FM)
Cumbernauld, United Kingdom

RUEIL, France


P.P.S. -  Oh!  And if your favorite radio station isn't yet playing My Favorite Things, they can download it for airplay here.  :)