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Independent musician and lifecaster Jody Gnant, who has been broadcasting her life 24/7 on the Internet at since July of last year, has been confirmed as a panelist at Podcamp NYC, to be held Friday and Saturday, April 25 and 26, at Brooklyn Polytechnic University.

Podcamp NYC, billed as “an ‘unconference’ focused on educating participants on how to use, implement and share any/all new media tools including, podcasts, videocasts, blogs, Second Life, Facebook, and YouTube,” is free to attend, and a perfect match for Jody, who’s built a broad fan base on the Internet and is at the forefront of a group of indie musicians who are using social networking to further their music careers.

"The cool thing about Podcamp is that it encourages the sharing of information among individuals,” Jody says. “There is no ‘competition.’ We're all braving Cyberspace together, and we know it."

Jody had already planned to attend Podcamp on behalf of one her sponsors, Web site, when she was asked to join the “Promoting Music with Podcasting” panel. She sees this opportunity as a way to conitnue building a bridge between music and technology. "The tech industry is a lot like the music industry,” she says. “We're all rock stars at heart - and the Internet is the open road. It's really quite the same thing, perhaps without all the drugs."

Jody will join a panel that includes cyber-publicist Ariel Hyatt of Podsafe Digital Music Campaigns, Dan Herman of freeform Internet radio station Radio Crystal Blue, and Well-Rounded Radio host/producer Charles McEnerney. Jody plans to discuss, among other things, how musicians can utilize the Internet and various social media outlets to bring their music to an audience, as well as how to market and sustain themselves without the aid of a traditional record label. "Anything is possible now for an independent artist,” Jody says. “The Internet and new technologies have removed all of the boundaries that previously existed, and an artist's success in today's climate is directly tied to their willingness to embrace New Media."

The “Promoting Music with Podcasting” panel is scheduled to take place on Friday, April 25, at 2 p.m. For additional details on Podcamp NYC, visit