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Sample tracks from Pivot

It's Been A Five Star Week

(Lance Morrison, Tom Weir, me, Richard Feldman, and Matt Laug)

No complaints. Everything has been great.

We recorded bass and drums at Studio City Sound for three of the songs that are going to be on Pivot. The One Red Paperclip song (Give It Up), Me Who Changed, and Lavandaria Sucia.

Tom Weir was engineering, Lance Morrison played bass, and Matt Laug played the drums.

Richard Feldman was doing his darn thing, and I was happy as a clam to just be in the same room with those guys - all amazing individuals, and ridulously awesome at their craft.

Richard and I are working together again this weekend, so that means that I have been forced away from the 110 degree heat of Phoenix, to be available in Los Angeles. Bummer.

People get all silly when it's that hot - I was looking forward to it. :)