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In Amsterdam!!!!

Gutterkitty and I finally got here!

US Airways did an awesome job at reaccomodating us, and helping us to avoid the nasty weather Philadelphia was having.

Our flight was comfortable (I slept - a LOT) and by the time we got here I felt completely adjusted to European time.

Amsterdam is a beautiful, historic city built amongst canals. The people here are lovely, and care not at all what I am up to - which is fine with me. :)


We've mostly been on foot since we've arrived...


But people here get around a lot by bicycle; there's no snow, and the weather is perfect for a good ride.


Being in za muthaland has been an awesome, life changing experience. And, since Niki and I have been known to have a little fun together, we're also reveling in the levity of the adventure.

We're staying in a hotel just outside the City Center, which is allowing us a look at the less "touristy" areas (which I appreciate) and also the opportunity to sleep quietly when our heads finally crash into our pillows at night. (Sleeeeeeep is good.)


We've been doing lots of window-shopping-trying-stuff-on-typical-girly-stuff, so today we're headed to the Anne Frank Museum.

There's been talk of going to Germany tomorrow, an experience I hadn't really anticipated getting to have on this trip, and the excitement is culminating by the moment.

You might even say, I'm feeling very "moo"ved.

We'll make sure to post all of our photos to my Flickr page, so feel free to check back whenever...

Big hugs to everyone!