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How “Independent” Can An Independent Artist Be?

I just got this letter from Kempion (a regular on our stream at and I wanted to share it with you immediately. Thanks for "getting it" Kempion. Keep on rocking the free world (and parts of Canada!)





How “Independent” Can An Independent Artist Be?

By Matt - a.k.a. Kempion

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Jody Gnant, singer/songwriter and independent recording artist, is the best example of what it means to be an independent artist. Jody Gnant is a pioneer in a network of tangled chaos, yet she brings it all together seamlessly in a marketing model of her own design.

While capturing every moment of her life on her lifecast, Jody has assembled a legion of supporters. Her supporters come from all around the world and from all walks of life. They give their support to what they know is a worthy cause: Jody Gnant and her music.

As Jody says, “none of us are as powerful as all of us.”

In the roughly six months Jody has been broadcasting her life, Jody has brought together an eclectic group of people whose skills support what Jody is trying to accomplish – which is nothing short of changing the recording industry, if not the entire world. Programmers, script writers, graphic designers, web designers, computer and network specialists -- as well as fellow musicians -- routinely lend a helping hand to Ms. Gnant and her projects.

Jody Gnant is very much an independent artist and a capable woman in her own right, but the power on the Internet has added a dimension to Jody Gnant’s career which no one could have imagined at the outset... that is except, of course, for Jody. With the influx of new ideas, new friends with skills, and a broadening fan base, Jody Gnant is realizing her dreams one day at a time.

The Internet has also given Jody more avenues to reach out to supporters and to sponsors. Recently, Jody has acquired several sponsorships, including Pathway Clothing (, Zipfizz ( and Averatec ( to name a few – with others considering their sponsorship of Jody Gnant and her music. These sponsors came onboard with Jody as a result of her being accessible via the Internet.

Most importantly, Jody’s business model has created a fan base: The Legion. Hundreds, if not thousands in number, The Legion drives Jody, keeping her on track and motivated. The Legion is the catch here. Where do they come from? They come from everywhere. Who are they? They are you and me, us... We are Legion... and we are growing.

As The Legion grows and gains strength worldwide, and its voice is heard by business and industry, Jody’s passion – her music – will get out for the world to hear. This kind of marketing strategy has never been attempted before, and certainly nothing of the scale of The Legion has ever gained a head of steam. What will happen in the end, we can only speculate, but we do know it’s working because Jody is selling CDs to fans in far-flung places.

With cross-cultural appeal which ignores all borders and walls, how can Jody Gnant go wrong? She has already succeeded in proving her strategy works. Now, it’s just a matter of who is willing to take the plunge with Jody. We know The Legion stands ready to inundate potential sponsors. We know embedded advertising works. Will the world-wide business community step up and share in the rewards?