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Hitch 50

Thanksgiving weekend was full of surprises.

Our good friends Scotty and Fiddy dropped by a while back on their quest to hitchhike to all 50 state capitols in 50 days or less.

You can see more about their adventure by going to their website:

I learned something about myself that weekend during the fun at the capitol steps, jams on the front porch, partying at ALICE COOPER'STOWN, and jump shots in all of their glory.

And that is - not to be afraid to be on the top in a human pyramid.

Seems small, but there's a sticking-your-neck-out-there metaphor in there somewhere. The truth of it is, I never would have done it if Scotty hadn't double-dog dared me to. So thanks, Scotty. Anything IS possible.

A double-dog dare is also the reason they were able to convince me to come to Hawaii with them to celebrate the big 50.