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Video for “Me Who Changed” to be premiered in

3000 theaters nationwide!

So the other day I got a call from Cinema Screen Media. (Remember they are the company that provides pre-show entertainment at movie theaters across the US?)

They invited me to their suite at Chase Field to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play, and to do a little playing ourselves.

These kinds of events are fun because 90% of it is hanging out and having a good time with people you know and respect, and the other 10% is all bid’ness.

The first 90% was awesome.

Cinema Screen Media's Eric McCarthy and Jody Gnant

We totally won the ballgame, and I drank the two beers that it takes for me to become completely inebriated. (Ok, so I’m a lightweight.)

The other 10% proved to be even more awesome.

During the course of bid’ness, Cinema Screen Media and I arranged to premiere the video for the first single, “Me Who Changed” in movie theaters across the country.

Chris LaMont will be directing the video, and I am ridiculously excited to be working with him – and Cinema Screen!

This should be fun. Stay tuned.