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Become a real-life Film Producer for only $1.00

The 1 Second Film is the start of a 5 Phase Plan to bring the world together, one second at a time.

The project will scale up to create a series of increasingly ambitious global collaborative art projects; each Phase will address a different social issue.

Support this noble cause by becoming a real-life film producer for only $1.00 and you, too, can have a Producer Listing at

They're also planning a road trip to Oprah!

So, if you REALLY feel like getting involved, you can - by helping to plan a "Road To Oprah" event in your city.

Incidentally, Nirvan from The 1 Second Film was in Kipling for Kyle's One Red Paperclip housewarming party.

If you've never seen the video of me, my guitar player Kristofer Hill, Nirvan, my best friend Leslie, and Corbin Bernsen, here it is in all of it's splendor...

Have a great day!

P.S. - To my favorite engineer on the planet - HAPPY BIRTHDAY RALPH!