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An open letter to Sprint and Cox Cable

To all the fine folks at Sprint and Cox Cable:

Greetings from the land of Saguaro Cacti and John Wayne epic films.

My name is Jody Gnant and I’m a performing and recording artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Coincidentally, I have an album coming out, entitled “Pivot”, on September 14th – and I’m using Sprint to promote it.

Right now – at this very moment – you can see I’m lifecasting my entire life on the Internet 24/7 to promote the release of the CD. (Pivot)

We have a winner here for both “Pivot” products with the connection of home phone, cell phone, interwebs, and cable, coupled with a first in Internet marketing – with lifecasting making YouTube look old skool.

We’ve already got press in “Veja” Magazine (South America’s version of “Time”) and I am meeting with a producer from ABC’s 20/20 this evening.

Also, we’ve got a slide and music going in 4,000 movie theaters across the country as part of the pre-show entertainment. In this setting, there is opportunity for Sprint to have logo recognition to a minimum of 4,000,000 movie-goers a week in addition to the Internet and traditional media.

Check it out on my website at or at the channel site

The chat room is actually quite fun – feel free to say hi.

Last but not least, please also check out the music from the upcoming release, “Pivot” at

I really feel this is an excellent opportunity and look forward to the possibility of working together.

Please contact me on my Sprint cellular at 602-573-7788 or by email at

I really appreciate your time.




Jody Gnant

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